VEDIC CONCEPTS brings innovative Natural beauty solutions masterminded by a team passionate about Natural and healthy lifestyles and are backed by powerful science.

As the skin absorbs up to 60% of what we rub into it, we feel it is imperative to use only pure & natural ingredients & so reduce our intake of toxic substances. The majority of skincare products hold a whole host of chemical ingredients that you would probably rather avoid.

VEDIC CONCEPTS is proud to fulfill this mission by not only supporting organic farming and the recycling paper for packaging, but to put the healthiest ingredients, that really work, on customer’s bodies.
Most beauty products that use “organic” or “natural” in their marketing use only a few natural ingredients in a water base, making the total organic or natural content dilute and often less than 5%.

VEDIC CONCEPTS puts many certified organic and ecocert powerful natural ingredients into their products thus bringing the total organic or natural content up to 99% in many products.


Our Hair Colors are free from the above and in addition are free from PARA PHENYLENEDIAMINE (PPD),RECORSINOL, AMMONIA & PEROXIDES. It is upto 99.5% Natural!!!!!!!!!!!!

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